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Farmers Branch TX Mobile Welders

We are Mobile Welders in Dallas, we provide professional and affordable mobile welding services to Dallas and all cities within a 30 mile radius of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Our mobile welding service is AWS-certified. It’s insured. And it has the required skills for a large range of welding projects, like Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Our expertise includes GMAW, GTAW and other welding techniques.

We are certified to weld structural steel according to AWS-D1.1 and pipe according API-1104. It shows our commitment to professional and reliable service. We have a highly-qualified mobile team that will provide you with high-quality and accurate services, no matter where you are, at the job site, at your home or business.


Emergency 24 HR Mobile Welding


24-Hour and Emergency Mobile Welding Services provide a lifeline for businesses or individuals who require urgent welding solutions. These services strive to respond quickly and minimize downtime of operations and projects, while also keeping costs down. All equipment and expertise are brought directly to the customers’ location. No matter if it’s a late-night equipment failure or an unexpected requirement on a construction site, our 24 Hr Emergency Mobile Welding Services offer reliable, efficient and timely solutions.

The Welding of Aluminum

Aluminum has unique properties that present challenges in welding. Aluminum welding is a challenging process. We can weld to high standards, for a variety of applications. You may not know that we can fix aluminum floats.

Heavy Machinery Repair & Welding

heavy equipment welding

Wear and tear can cause heavy machinery to be damaged over time. Welders have the ability to repair heavy machinery and reinforce it, thus extending its life span and maintaining its functionality. Instead of buying new parts, repair your old ones to save hundreds or even thousands.

Welding of Trailers & Trucks

trailer welding

Our truck and trailer repair, welding, and maintenance services are designed to satisfy a wide variety of needs. We are experts in hitch repair and replacement, so that the towing ability of your vehicle is not compromised. Our team is skilled in aluminum repair. This requires expertise and precision. We offer reliable and efficient service for those who need to replace or install a fifth-wheel hitch. We offer roadside emergency repairs 24 hours a day, because we know accidents can happen anytime. As well as welding, we also upgrade and repair trucks and tractors to increase the longevity and performance of these vehicles.

Welding of Structural Steel

structural steel welding

In the construction and repair of buildings, structural integrity plays a major role. Our welders can create strong joints to withstand any stress test or strain.

Stainless Steel Welding

It is a versatile metal, but it requires specialized welding procedures. Our deep understanding allows us to weld stainless with precision and power.

Welding of Pipe

pipeline welding

Our team is well-equipped to handle any pipe welding job, be it industrial, plumbing, or heating. Our techniques make sure that the joints welds are strong, durable and adhere to safety standards.

Welding of Fences & Gates

fence welding

Well designed fences & gates can improve the security & beauty of your home. Our team is experienced in welding fences using corrosion resistant materials.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

custom fabrication

For those who need a custom metal product that cannot be found in stores, we offer custom metal fabrication . Any custom metal design is possible, whether it be a machine or art.

Your Trusted Mobile Welding Services in Farmers Branch

You can find a mobile welding service in Farmers Branch by clicking here. We are committed to providing high-quality welding services that can be accessed anywhere. You’ll choose more than just a service by choosing Mobile Welders in Dallas; you will be choosing to partner with professionals who are committed to meeting your welding requirements.

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Why Choose Mobile Welders in Dallas?

When you hire Mobile Welders in Dallas, a mobile welding company certified in AWS Structural Steel Welding (AWS D1.1) and API 1104 Pipe Welding, you can expect to receive welds exceeding industry standards for safety and quality. You can X-ray the welds.From repairs to complex installations, our experience allows us to handle all types of work.We are proud to be able to finish your project safely and professionally at Mobile Welders in Dallas. All of this, while meeting your requirements on time and within budget.By selecting Mobile Welders in Dallas, not only will you be hiring a welding service, but you will also be joining forces with a group dedicated to delivering outstanding welds.

Farmers Branch Mobile Welding Prices

We understand that transparency in pricing is essential. The costs can vary according to the complexity of the task, how many materials are used, as well as any additional requirements. For an exact quote, please contact us. We charge from $100 to $250 per hour depending on various factors.


How fast can Mobile Welders in Dallas come to a job for welding?

Mobile Welders in Dallas is proud of its fast response time in mobile welding. We will arrive within a few hours, even in an emergency. In the event of an urgent welding need, our emergency service is also available.

Am I required to provide electricity for my job site?

Our trucks supply adequate electricity to do any welding and fabrication jobs.

Do You Offer Any Kind Of Warranty For Your Services?

We at Mobile Welders in Dallas guarantee the quality of our work. If you need specific terms and conditions for any job requirement, please contact us.

Is Your company capable of taking on large welding projects?

Our team is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to complete any project – whether it’s a home repair, or an industrial project.

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Our service area includes the cities surrounding Farmers Branch, such as Carrollton, Highland, Addison, Irving, Bethel, Coppell, University Park, Gifford, Highland Park, Cowley. We offer certified welding services to homeowners, farmers, construction companies, industrial facilities, and firms that need on-site repairs.

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